World Mobile Corporation(GEO Group)

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We support buyback and sales specialized in the business environment
Our company's main business model is to buy used smartphones that are no longer in use, extract maximum value from them, and resell them.

Why World Mobile?

Achieving the highest industry standard in traceability through individual item management.
World Mobile is a leading company in the reuse industry and a 100% subsidiary of Geo Holdings.

About Our Business

Our goal is to revitalize the smartphone reuse market and provide an efficient method for companies to buy and resell devices that are no longer in use. By specializing in the B2B segment, companies can reduce waste and find new sources of revenue.


GEO Group World Mobile is committed to sustainable business models and contributing to the environment. Reusing smartphones is an effective way to reduce electronic waste and contributes to the realization of an earth-friendly circular economy.


  • April 25, 2024

    We have launched a new corporate website!

  • January 24, 2024

    Geo Group's specialized facility, 'World Mobile Tokyo Process Center,' dedicated to erasing data and inspecting buyback smartphones has now relocated and expanded to a space 5 times its previous size!

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